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    I began making photographs in 1977 as part of my first career, as a reporter at a small-town newspaper. The company Nikon F-somethings gave way to a Contax/Zeiss, a Canon AT-1, a Nikon 6006, and various Kodak 110 and 126 Instamatics...and boxes of brittle negatives and yellowing prints followed me through several cross-country moves...
    In about 2002, the family computer and a five megapixel Sony Cybershot blew open my mind to the infinite wonder and possibilities of digital photography...Nowadays I use a Canon 5D Mark III, a 1D Mark IV, and various professional and consumer-grade Canon lenses.
    This web gallery is a "work in progress"; it began as a place where BGA parents could download pictures of their children, who participate in the same activities as my children. Now, however, I am constantly adding photos, old and new, as I develop skills and re-visit old files with new knowledge.
    I live with my wife, three teenage daughters, and two dogs in the beautiful countryside fifty miles south of Nashville, Tennessee.
    If you have any questions or comments, email me at jwhitten56@hotmail.com.
    Enjoy, and return to see new things...